I love timelapses - they are a brilliant way to show a lot of slow movement in a short amount of time. Below are a few highlights of my recent work.


Pacific Blends is moving into a new building in Port Coquitlam in 2019. They hired me to come out on the day the walls were going up.


Cam2 4K images 2 from Cameron Bowman on Vimeo.



Whistler Time Lapse, Feb 2016 from Cameron Bowman on Vimeo.

This time lapse overlooks the Whistler valley, centered over Green Lake. Late into the video, you can see the groomers running on Blackcomb on the far right of the frame. Roughly center-frame is Wedge Mountain. The audio track, titled Don't Look Back (feat. Ashe), is courtesy of Ben Phipps. You can find more of Ben's work here.


This is a rough cut of a time lapse I shot for a company recently. You'll see the mobile crane set up, and then a few test maneuvers before they lift and install an MRI machine.